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Photo of Max Bruning

Max Bruning, the Training Director at Joyent, is currently working on a Node.js performance and debugging course. Max has been teaching various Unix-related courses since 1981. He has also spent many years doing kernel development, device driver work, and debugging work, with a variety of programming languages and operating systems.

He has done consulting and/or training work for Bell Labs, AT&T, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, HP, Siemens-Nixdorf, and various other companies. In September, 2010, he began porting Linux KVM to SmartOS for Joyent.

Max first used Node.js over three years ago when he joined Joyent as a staff engineer. In the past 2 years, he has given several talks and workshops on debugging and performance analysis of Node.js applications.

See http://www.joyent.com/blog/filter:bruning for a list of recent blog posts. He can be reached on twitter at @mrbruning.